Your Home Matters

Where you live while you're studying makes all the difference in your university experience. You want a place where you will feel at home, where you'll be able to explore new surroundings safely, and where you can make friends on day one. Students from all over the globe find Lakehead's welcoming, safe and scenic communities the ideal place to experience Canadian culture.

How to engage with a new community and yet be yourself? How to hold onto what you truly believe in, and keep all the pieces that make you who you are, without isolating yourself from your surrounding world? This has always sounded like a challenging mission to me until I reached Canada and was proven wrong. During my first week at Lakehead University, I was both astonished and relieved when I heard one of the speakers at the orientation say: 'We want you to come and bring your culture with you.' It made me realize that this mission is not for newcomers only, but also the community members themselves. How warm it felt to be welcomed as my genuine self.

Aya from Egypt

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